Poured Pink and Grey Coffee Cup

The 'Poured' collection is one of our original designs, this variety has a grey pour overlapped with a dusty pink arch on both sides, creating V-shapes in between. 

They are roughly 5oz, a perfect size for a lungo size pour from nespresso machines, or cortado's.

Their handformed shape allows them to be stackable (with care!) in your cupboard.

They are also safe to dishwash & microwave. 

We hand throw and hand decorate all our cups, and our customers love how they feel in their hands. Each of our cups are unique due to their handmade nature. 

Ceramic as a material is known to keep your beverage warmer for longer and also does not impart any taste or odour over time. They are also safe to dishwash & microwave.

Available to buy with a matching Travel Mug, use the code 'Cupset10' when ordering together to get 10% off.