About Us

Mother and Daughter

We are Marjorie and Emma, a mother and daughter team, handmaking pottery in Co. Kerry, to help to move society towards a more sustainable culture, and away from single use waste.

We are part of a movement to revive traditional handmade ceramics by producing premium reusable cups that can last a lifetime if cared for.

Mother & Daughter Founded

Grounded Pottery

When you hold a pottery cup you can feel the solidity and sense of nature’s elements that have gone into it’s making.

All four elements are involved in the pottery making process – 

Earth being the clay used to transform into a vessel

Water is essential for the construction of the clay

Air helps to dry the clay to bone dry before 

Fire where the clay is heated to over 1000`c to vitrify

The hardened clay undergoes a chemical change during firing that is permanent. It can no longer go back to being clay, but it is not just dried clay, it is much more like stone. As such, it will weather and decompose like stone.

Although this means that pottery is not biodegradable, it does not leak any toxins into the soil if buried in a landfill. So it is certainly more eco friendly than plastics or other alternatives after their lifespan, that can affect the soil and water.

From the Earth

Our cups are produced from the earth and for the earth! Clay is a renewable natural resource which means a ceramic cup is a more sustainable choice of material than plastic, stainless steel or bamboo - which are all imported into Ireland.


‘Growing up watching my mother make pottery, I was always eager to be involved! So, in recent years I wanted to see the traditional pottery revived and create everyday sustainable items that people would value and love.’  Emma