Bee Buzzin' Travel Mug

The Bee designs are all hand drawn and hand painted. Each little Bee has its own unique shape, size and smile! We colour the flowers yellow and orange, but you can choose your own colours if you are pre ordering, just pop a note on your order and we will happily facilitate!

The Buzzin' Bee mug design has a bee pollinating a bunch of flowers on one side, and opposite is another hand drawn bee and the imprinted word 'Buzzin'.

We hand throw and hand decorate all our travel mugs, and our customers love how the cups feel in their hands. Each of our cups are unique due to their handmade nature.

Ceramic as a material is known to keep your beverage warmer for longer and also does not impart any taste or odour over time unlike alternative reusable cup options. They are also safe to dishwash & microwave and fit in most car cup holders.

Your choice of lid colour. A transparent silicone sleeve is available to add to your Travel Mug - this helps with gripping the cup, potential shock absorber and it reduces heat output if you drink piping hot/black tea or coffee.

Also available in 5oz coffee cup size!