Pottery Classes

Come and visit us in The Cottage Ardfert, 10 minutes from Tralee, for a choice of pottery making experiences for adults!

Offering a number of class types to suit pottery enthusiasts beginners or experienced!

  • An Introduction to pottery taster class, 3 hours long to learn some basics in pottery making and hand building to create a pre determined clay piece. You will try a couple of techniques and decorate your item to have fired. Afternoon session mid week. 
  • Painting and decorating classes over 1.5 to 2 hours with some pre fired options to choose from - bowls or choice of cups. You will be give a selection of colours or glaze types to choose from. Available during day time hours. 
  • Summer time 3 session term to create a couple of pre determined clay pieces, and choose your favourite pieces to paint along with a pre fired item. The first 2 classes will focus on building and refining, and a go on the wheel. The third class will allow for painting and glazing your pieces. Available in evening or afternoon classes. 
  • A course of 6-8 week evening classes to hand-build, wheel throw, refine and then decorate with a selection of colours and glazes over the term. Ideal for those who have some experience and would like to add to their ceramic knowledge. A set of your very own starter tools included in this offering.

As we are running these introductory classes, we'd love to hear your preferences, expectations and feedback.

We have created a survey to gain some insights from prospective attendees, we love to hear from you:  


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like us to give you more information in advance of attending!

To book a class, follow the 'Shop Here' drop down menu to choose The Classes section and 'Book a Pottery Class'.